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DSM Fitness Trains The Boys and Girls Club Fit Family Challenge winners

DSM Fitness trained the Washington, DC family that won the 2010 Boys & Girls Club Triple Play Fit Family Challenge national competition.

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Do you know the person next to you?

You’ve just fought your way through rush hour traffic. It’s cold and dark out, and you’re tired after a long day. Having a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym? Maybe it’s time to get to know some of those people you constantly see next to you at the gym when working out. I have days that I’m not motivated to workout, but sometimes I’ll go the gym just for the entertainment value. I’ve been going to the same location for over 5 years now, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of the members there. Having someone to joke around with and talk to can help ease the tensions of your day. However, make sure you still get in a good workout-this isn’t happy hour! Luckily for me, the guys at my gym are very intense, and I can’t slack when I’m there-they might show me up!

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DC National Night Out 2011-Zumba Style

I shot this video August 2nd at a school across the street from my house. National Night Out is held in major cities across the country to empower communities to combat crime in their neighborhoods. The Zumba instructors did a great job.

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DC Trainer Dag Gogue competing in the 2010 National Marathon

Dag at mile 21 going into 22-still going strong

Congratulations Dag for a great finish in your first marathon!

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Marine Corps Marathon: The Most Unfortunate Demise of My Flip Camcorder

The following is a cautionary tale.

I got up early this morning to watch two of my clients compete in the Marine Corps Marathon here in DC. The weather was beautiful, so I took my Flip Camcorder to get some video of the event. I shot over 30 minutes of video at Mile Marker 1, and headed to the next viewing spot at the Lincoln Memorial. While crossing the Memorial Bridge, I decided to shoot some video from the side of the bridge of the runners below. Unable to get the exact shot I wanted, I decided to stand up on one of the benches next to the railing.

My partner joked at the time that I better not fall into the Potomac River (foreshadowing, anyone?) While framing the shot, I walked along the bench to get a better angle. This would lead to my worst electronics mishap since the Sony Walkman incident of 2001 (see Ipod article). Unfortunately, I misjudged the length of the bench as I was zooming in to video the runners. I found myself stumbling forward, but managed to grab onto a pillar of the bridge. My Flip Camcorder, however, was not so fortunate. I watched in shock and horror as I lost my grip on it. The Flip, living up to its name, flipped into the air, and promptly fell to its death in the Potomac below.

Have you ever been left speechless? Now I know how a little kid feels when he accidentally drops his ice cream cone on the ground.

The moral of the story? You know those wrist straps that came with your camera and small camcorders? I fully understand now the importance of using them!

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Would You Stand By and Let Someone Die? Why Everyone Should Have CPR Training

How many calories does an active person burn in a day? Is there any difference based on age, occupation, or where they live?

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