23 02, 2021

The Best Time to Workout

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When should you workout? It varies by individual-here’s some things to keep in mind to get the best results.

13 01, 2021

Travel Workout Essentials

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Trying to stay in shape while traveling? Here’s the equipment I use to keep up high-intensity low impact workouts.

31 12, 2020

Weight loss with High Protein Wraps

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Looking to get in shape in the New Year? Here’s some diet swaps that cut the carbs and calories while keeping all the flavor. It’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about finding a better way to enjoy the foods you love. This is another one of my weight loss secrets that helped me get back in my best shape from my 30s at age 57!

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17 11, 2020

Peanut Butter Powder for Weight Loss

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Love peanut butter but don’t love the calories? I’ll show you how peanut butter powder can make a healthy, filling snack with fruit while cutting the fat and calories by over half. It’s a great replacement for protein bars-all the peanut butter flavor and protein without the added chemicals, preservatives and additives. And it’s fast and easy to mix up, with minimal preparation and clean up. This is one of my weight loss secrets that helped me get back in my best shape from my 30s at age 57!

17 07, 2018

DC Personal Trainer Doug Murphy’s Tough Mudder Training Program

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Geovani Bonilla came to DSM Fitness in January 2018, looking for a Washington DC Personal Trainer to prepare him for a Tough Mudder competition. He did his first race in 2017, and while he enjoyed the challenge and the teamwork, he wanted to avoid the injuries and bruises that occurred during that competition. His goals consisted of increasing strength and cardiovascular endurance, losing 10lbs, and improving his performance from the previous year.


Geovani’s Training with DC Personal Trainer Doug Murphy for Tough Mudder

DC Personal Trainer Doug Murphy set him up on a program to address these goals, with exercises simulating the activities and obstacles he would be facing during the race: “I used sandbags, gliding discs, a TRX, and many other tools to accomplish this. His program involved climbing, crawling, running, lifting, and pulling-all in preparation for competing at his best. The one hour workouts were intense and designed to get him in top shape.”



Results from working with DC Personal Trainer Doug Murphy at DSM Fitness

Geovani sent an update after the race this summer, with pictures from the Tough Mudder competition:

The course is a tough course that’s just over 10 miles. You run from obstacle to obstacle. Each obstacle is a combination of mud curling, upper body  strength and endurance. Some obstacles you curl on your belly in mud and sand to avoid barb wires and in others you swing from the monkey bars to make it across a pond of ice water. Most courses you have to with with others as it’s impossible to do alone, that may include creating a human pyramid to get through the final obstacle that’s called the Happy Ending.


I decided to train with Doug to be better prepared. I lost not only the weight, but strengthened my core, cardio endurance and upper body. I was able to complete the course, do all the obstacles (you can choose to skip some) and had no injuries besides the scratches from the rocks and sands in the mud.

The best thing is that I’m keeping the weight off and have a great new workout routines to incorporate into my workouts!


To learn more about Training Services at DSM Fitness,  contact DC Personal Trainer Doug Murphy at: Get Me Started!

9 05, 2017

Train at my in-home studio in Upper Northwest Chevy Chase area in DC

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chevy chase personal trainer chevy chase personal trainer

My in-home studio is now open for training clients.  You’ll get great results in a private, one on one session using the most effective bodyweight based exercises. Lose weight, gain strength and energy, and restore posture and natural movement through challenging, functional workouts that are custom designed for you.